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Established in 1980 as an alternative to banks and traditional pawnbrokers, we provide low interest loans on gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches and other valuable assets. Our office in Atlanta, Georgia services over 16,000 customers nationwide.

Why go to a typical pawnshop with high interest rates, questionable surroundings and other predatory practices when you can deal with experienced professionals in a comfortable private office setting?

At Chapes-JPL we conduct our business by appointment only in private upscale offices. Our waiting rooms contain plush leather sofas, fine furnishings and artwork. Reminiscent of an attorney, CPA or doctor’s office, we provide our clients a safe, comfortable and discreet environment.

Unlike a bank we loan strictly on the collateral and don’t require credit checks, tax returns, job verification or personal references. And the typical loan is done in minutes, not days or weeks.

We are required to secure a pawnbrokers license because we do hold the collateral. This, however, is the only similarity between Chapes-JPL and your typical pawnshop.


Pawn Shop to Chapes Jewelry Loan comparisonChapes-JPL vs. a typical pawn shop.

  • A $10,000 loan from a pawn shop at 25% PER MONTH cost $ 2500 PER MONTH in interest
  • A $10,000 loan at CHAPES-JPL cost ONLY $500 PER MONTH.
  • That’s a savings of $2000 per month.

Since Chapes-JPL is a bonafide collateral lender, it is required by law to maintain a pawn license. However, Chapes-JPL is nothing like any other pawnbroker you can imagine. Three minutes in our offices are all you will need to discover how we have truly raised the bar and set new competitive standards for the legitimate collateral lending industry. Visit Chapes-JPL and discover for yourself how pleasant, safe and satisfying your borrowing experience can be.

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